HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR "OFADA RICE" IN THE MARKET Ofada rice is a heritage rice variety, which is exclusively grown in south-west Nigeria (according to Wikipedia). Its name originated from the town “Ofada” in Ogun state. However, other states within the south-west also grow this variety. In Ekiti state, it is called “Igbemo” also named after the town where it is mostly found.

Valium Online Sale Oryza glaberrima is a rice variety that originates from Africa and it forms the major genetic make-up of Ofada or Igbemo rice. With that said, let us talk about how you can identify “real” ofada when you are in the market shopping for your heritage rice. Oh! Yes – with professor John Bull’s voice – I said “heritage” rice. Common it is time to stop referring to Nigerian made products as local. We are a global country, with global standard. 

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Brand Name Valium Buy In any case, we (as in you and I) may also refer to it has “Designer Rice”. And now, straight to the business…

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Buy Diazepam Generic Valium You should know that Ofada Rice (Igbemo) is a family of the Upland Rice varieties of FARO 25 (>120 days), FARO 53 (100-120 days), FARO 55 (<90-100days), NERICA1, NERICA2 and other Upland NERICA. You should also understand that, grain sizes are dependent on the variety of the rice planted. Now let’s talk about some general characteristics of Ofada rice.

Ofada rice is characterized by its brownish stripes. The stripes are a part of its genetic makeup and a result of semi-polishing. You should, however note that, not all the grains will have the brownish stripes, especially the ones from Ekiti State. So when you notice one or two products not having these stripes, look out for the next clue.

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Speaking of grain size, I do not mean you should go to the market with a measuring tape. Ofada rice grains are usually bigger and sometimes longer than the usual rice grains. For those planted in Igbemo Ekiti, they are larger in diameter and longer in length than most rice grains, that is the 120 days varieties.  

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Buy Diazepam Actavis A note of warning: grain sizes can be a little bit tricky, in the sense that, there are some long grain heritage rice that are not Ofada, (for example: Supee – a local name for a Lowland rice variety) and there are some short and “fat” grains that looks like Ofada (Grade 4, gboko – Lowland Rice varieties). Try as much as possible to confirm what you are buying with other clues.



This one thing “ofada” rice is known for. After cook, it looks more like a brown and white design, nature’s beauty that you cannot miss. There are some Ofada rice that does not have the brown and white stripes, but possess the second key cooking characteristic, they are robust and weighty after cook. However, if you are in doubt, just go for the ones with the brown and white stripes.  


Ofada has a recognizable odour, which is due to processing. Some processors are now beginning to remove the odour, while others still manage to keep it. However, in most cases ofada rice will have aromatic odour, which makes it standout from all other rice.

Ordering Valium Online Uk You can recognize your Designer rice anywhere in the market through these basic ways listed above. As a wrap-up, it is better safe than sorry. Therefore, purchase your “Designer rice” (I mean Ofada rice) from a reputable source. There are many ‘wanna bees’ out there. Do not fall a victim. Be a victor and make the right choice. 

There you have it! Four important tools that can help you clear the doubts and buy the quality food you deserve. Remember!  Eat right to live right. 



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